Re-Rooting with Kanekalon Fiber

Sasha Re-Rooting Kanekalon Fiber

Never a dull moment….

Over the years, I´ve had a few unusual requests with the work I do on the Sasha´s.  Once, a lady from the UK wrote to request a re-root of her doll to look like a hairdressers photo.  She wanted a darker colour (similar to her own hair), but the exact same cut, which is no mean feat to interpret from a human head of hair to a synthetically re-rooted doll.

But never to shy away from a challenge, I agreed to have a go!

The colour was the easy bit, but styling the hair was probably the first time I had to hone-in on the cutting skills required to obtain this look.  However, thanks to undertaking the lady´s challenge, I gained so much in confidence and what could be achieved using the kanekalon fiber.

Mirror, mirror on the wall….who is the fairest of them all?

Sasha Kanekalon Fiber pic1
Sasha Kanekalon Fiber pic2
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