Spa Treatment

Sasha Doll Spa Treatment by Jackie Rydstrom

Sasha Doll Spa Treatment

Quite often the cords of the Sasha can lose their elasticity when a Sasha is washed and¬†because of the age, do not dry well to give¬†a good pose again.¬† So the best way to thoroughly clean a Sasha is to take him or her apart, but many owners prefer not do this and therefore¬†it¬īs better to leave this to the experts.

Most Sasha hair washes well, but I would strenuously warn the owners of the brunettes to veer on the side of caution.

Sasha Doll Spa Treatment by Jackie Rydstrom

Even if there is just a minor amount of hair loss showing, many, many times I have bore witness to the whole head of hair shedding off once it is submerged into water.

However, the blondes benefit enormously with a hair wash and quite often, obtain quite an improvement by having a conditioning treatment applied to the dry ends.  The curls can be restored by a heat treatment and the fringes re-positioned to lie flat again.

Equally, the brunettes can have all the above procedures bar the full hair wash, where I would clean the strands with a mixture of white vinegar and water applied with a lint-free cloth.

The limbs, head and torso are removed to thoroughly wash separately and either have the original cords tightened or replaced, keeping the old ones (dated), bagged and put back inside the body.   Any superficial stains can be removed, but if there are deeper ones, such as ink or marker pens showing, then this will require a longer stay, using benzoyl peroxide over a period of time to clear the area completely.

On occasions, I have been able to polish down scratches and buff up minor rubs very nicely.¬† These often appear more noticeably¬†on the Cora¬īs and Caleb¬īs, but any Sasha can benefit particularly if the fault is annoyingly visible.

Most of my time is spent re-rooting and the Spa Treatment is all part of the service, but for those opting to have their Sasha¬īs thoroughly cleaned, restored and¬†repaired (if need be), then all are very welcome to enjoy a wonderful¬†pampering session at la casa de Jackie!

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