Sasha Dolls by Jackie - MISHA

Meet Misha

I bought Misha from eBay purely because she looked like she needed either a repair or a re-root due to her having at least a badly cut fringe.

As with all of my purchases of Sasha doll waifs, she arrived in a particularly bad state with matted hair, loose cords and filthy-dirty.  However, much to my delight, I found she had a full center parting and once

I had entangled her hair and washed it, I saw it was actually in a very good state.

I often keep a variety of original hair in bags with their dates, so luckily, I had a perfect match to Misha.  My intention was to just replace her fringe in the heavy, blunt cut as she once was, but once I had finished re-rooting the area, I took as step back to admire.

Her fringe was longer (as I expected), but it fell in such a lovely way with her eyes peeping through the natural layers and by accident, I realized I had created a wonderful new approach to the original braided girl.  So of course, I kept her just as she was!

Misha was supposed to be sold on, but every time I looked at her standing in my kitchen, my heart dropped….so she ended up becoming one of my own.

I have since re-rooted two more like her for Sasha friends and whenever I use Misha to model clothes to sell on eBay, I have people writing to ask if she too is for sale and can they buy her.

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