Sasha Doll by Jackie - HARLOW

Meet Harlow

Many of the Sasha Doll re-roots I have worked on have different hair styles to how they were first manufactured. That said, I still find it very rewarding to restore a Sasha to how she or he was originally.

Sadly, nearly all of the brunette Sasha Dolls suffer from hair loss where Harlow was totally bald when she was sent to me by a Sasha friend.

Having the much-coveted side-part, I simply re-rooted her following the same plug format and used a dark brown, glossy hair color, not dissimilar to her original tone.

I then cut the style, shaping it with three layers to the standard elbow length and teased the ends into gently curls with a blunt fringe, as near to “the Party Girl” as it was possible to do.

My Sasha friend who asked me to re-root Harlow is extremely knowledgeable and adept at re-assembling her own Sasha Dolls, so to save on postage she sent me just Harlow´s head.

I was able to “borrow” one of my own girls body to finish the styling and photograph the results.

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