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I am currently working on a collection I call my “Contemporary Classic” Sasha Doll Series. For this new Sasha doll series I am working with bangs and layering to create a much softer, free-flowing style, in keeping with the 21st century.

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A Sasha Doll Restoration

I bought a nice looking (still tagged) Caleb Sasha doll from eBay where just the front part of his hair has been singed by (apparently) standing too close to a candle.

Upon inspection, I noticed that this Sasha doll had obviously been displayed on a doll stand which had deformed and marked his torso as they often do.

  • Caleb Sasha Doll Restoration
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Body Restoration
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Face Restoration
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Hair Re-Rooting
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Restored
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Restored
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Restored
  • Caleb Sasha Doll Restored

This Celeb Sasha doll also had un-even skin tone, rubs and scratches to his forehead in particular and could no longer hold any position with his arms. The hair was in poor condition and needed a complete re-root.

To bring this Sasha doll back to life was going to need a complete restoration.

My Love & Passion for Sasha Dolls

When I first began restoring Sasha dolls, I re-rooted a few Sasha´s with just long, straight hair, no fringe and a full center parting.

However, once I had mastered the basic technique, I turned my attention to how I could bend, curl and cut the Sasha doll hair so it resembled the way it was originally, in other words, to restore rather than alter the appearance.

This became particularly useful when l came across the rarer, brunette Sasha doll side-parts with severe hair-loss. Sometimes though, a Sasha doll may just have an area (more-than-likely) the fringe cut off by its previous little owner.

So rather than repair the Sasha doll with a near-match, I prefer to thread the new hair throughout as a highlight and mix the fringe with a few snips of the older hair, so you can´t tell anything has been done.

On the creative side, I love the times when I can inject an individuality to my Sasha doll re-roots.

On the occasion when I find a style that truly works, then I will do a series of them for a time.

For example, recently I have played around with the Sasha doll bangs and layering to take the very girly curls with their thick, blunt fringes to a much softer, free-flowing style, more in keeping with the 21st century.

I have a range of African Sasha doll girls, boys and babies with their traditional tribal hairstyles and several mulatto weaved long haired ones which have adorned not only the Cora´s but the brunettes and blonds too.

Having studied the wonderful works of art by Sasha Morgenthaler for many years now, her own Studio Dolls are all unique and individual. With that concept in mind, I am and will always be, continuously inspired by her.

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"Contemporary Classic" Sasha Doll Series

"Classic" Sasha Doll Series

"Mulatto" Sasha Doll Series

"African" Sasha Doll Series

  • "What a wonderful beauty!!! You really brought my Sasha Doll Hero back to life, and she’s even prettier than when she left the factory."

  • "I absolutely love, love Coco. She’s wonderful. Sasha Morgenthaler would have liked her, too, I’m sure."

  • "Always wanted one of your exquisite Sasha’s .... at last!"

  • WOW!!! He looks awesome & so much better than I ever imagined. I feel that he looks proud. You’ve done a fantastic job with him.

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