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Sasha Doll Contemporary Series

Sasha Doll Paint Repair

There are some truly amazing artists among the Sasha community who have produced the most spectacular re-paints, particularly of the eyes.  Many take their inspiration from the studio dolls created by Sasha Morgenthaler, where I can honestly say I am in awe of how good they are.

However, sadly there are some re-paints which break my heart and even more so, when I´ve seen a beautiful early Sasha with her hand-painted eyes removed for the privilege.

So my own contribution is mainly to touch up and repair and in most cases, this is concentrating on the restoration of the lip paint.  My most recent work was on Trinity who is gracing the home page, where I filled in a rub to her upper lip.  She has a coral shade, so I blended acrylics to match exactly and now you can not see it has been done and her mouth looks picture-perfect once again.

Aside from rubs to the lips, quite a few Sasha´s have the lip paint which has oxidized, turning the once pink colour to white.  This is something I have experience of, where a simple coat or two of soft pink can be applied to make amends and put fresh colour back to the face.

I have ventured now to the eyes whilst re-rooting a later Sasha with the tampa print features.  I like to add a little texture and shading to give the eyes more definition and have applied the acrylic over the existing work.  This means that at anytime, the paint can be removed without destroying the doll.  Also, many of my re-roots have been to turn a boy into a girl and quite often a few eyelashes have been added in the same format as the originals ones.

Not many of the Sasha´s have damage to their eyes thank goodness, but a few can have some serious fading which I am capable to restore or perhaps a scratch or two needs fixing with careful diligence.   As a perfectionist by nature, my aim is repair in such a way that it can not be detected.

Sasha Doll Scratch Repair

I’m never quite sure how the vinyl on Sasha Dolls can get so damaged, other than the obvious dog chews, but on occasions I have dealt with a few nasty indents. This hand for example was badly cut and luckily, I succeeded with carefully sanding down the area and buffing up to match the finish to as good as new.

Sasha Doll Scratch


Sasha Doll Scratch Repair


Often the Cora´s and Calebs can have quite rubbed patches, as indeed some of the UK and German Sasha´s have, which are particularly noticeable on their faces. So my buffing technique usually produces great results and a much improved appearance.

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