Sasha Doll by Jackie - Fleur

Meet Fleur...

This is my re-rooted (contemporary) version of a ballet Sasha where I gave Fleur a variation between wearing her hair with long braids or taken up into a high ponytail with a few trails of shorter strands at the front.

Of course, she can also wear her hair down, but with her delicate face, she does look particularly pretty in these two, very different styles.

Originally Fleur was a 1969 brunette boy in excellent condition aside from suffering with hair loss. So I blended three tones of a blond, soft red and light brown together to achieve this wondrous shade of amber, not too dissimilar to the original 1968 ballet girl.

Her beautiful hairline made it a perfect choice for a no-fringe and the new hair is so warm and gentle against her honey colored skin tone.

I have put in a full center parting and kept the hair length very long for fine braids, which also comes in handy for a high pony.

Fleur has absolutely gorgeous dark brown eyes and perfectly soft pink lips with no rubs at all. I have carefully painted in a few eyelashes and given her a thorough spa, so she looks as good as new!

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