Mold & Odor Removal

Caleb Sasha Doll Body Restoration

Sasha Doll Mold & Odor Repair

A bone of contention throughout the Sasha World are the dreaded odors and occasional mold of the vinyl.  The worst case I have ever seen was with one of my own dolls I bought off eBay, where she was absolutely covered from head to toe with mold stains.

I seriously would not have purchased her had I known, but happily can say that with lots of perseverance, I completely removed all traces and what a rewarding job it was….eventually!

There are various odors and mold stains and each type requires a different approach and a different treatment.

Most of them regardless, do take a considerable amount of time to overcome, so for those who have lost the will, trying to do this by themselves with their smelly Sasha, please be advised to have patience if my services here are required.

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