Sasha Doll by Jackie - TRINITY

Meet Trinity...

I hope the photo´s of Trinity speak for themselves….being that she is an exceptionally beautiful Sasha, full of grace and serenity.

I merely gave Trinity a helping hand by re-rooting her with a full center parting and leaving lots of wispy strands to frame her angelic face.

Her new blond hair has a natural ash-tone and I´ve kept the length of her braids quite long, to fall loosely down her back.

With her cords being both white with flecked colors, I date her to be from 1969. She stands and poses superbly well and so now do her arms after I have tightened them a little.

Her eyes are divinely blue and her lip color is still coral-pink. There was a tiny rub at the top bow which I carefully filled in with a matching acrylic paint.

I really can’t tell you how totally over the moon I am with darling Trinity, and the fact that she takes center stage on your site says it all. I can’t stop looking at her, despite having many other lovely Sasha dolls. She’s taken center stage within my display, too! I have to say, I’ve never seen such exquisite Sasha re roots as yours Jackie, and I just want them all!!!

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