Sasha Doll by Jackie - HETTIE

Meet Hettie

I love the big blue eyes of the “pumpkin-cord” Sasha Dolls. Particularly when a waif comes along to re-root with a chosen dark, contrasting hair to make them stand out even more dramatically.

Hettie shouted out for a totally unique, much shorter style with bags of personality and although far removed from the classic Sasha Doll, she has a tomboy cuteness all of her very own.

Hettie´s hair has been cut into layers of natural dark brown with tousled flicks that frame her face and around and up to the back. Her fringe is quite light and falls over to one side, which I like clipped back with a little flower as shown on several of the photographs.

Pumpkin cord Sasha´s date from 1973-74 and Hettie´s were in very good, elastic condition. Her body was also lovely and clean and without any marks or damage, so there was no other repair work to do this time.

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