Sasha Doll by Jackie - PORTIA

Meet Portia...

Portia has been one of my own, much cherished Sasha Dolls that I have had for years, but sadly her hair gave up and shed away in handfuls. Before that, it was quite dry anyway, but the feature I always loved about her were her incredible eyes.

In many ways, her heavy fringe did her no favors, so I decided not to put one back and just frame her beautiful face with wisps of hair. To me, this Sasha Doll transformation was spectacular and to be honest. I wish I had re-rooted her much earlier on!

I chose a dark brown with a softer tone to highlight and re-rooted her with a full center parting, keeping the length quite long for her plaits. At the front, I took shorter strands to loosely fall naturally around her face with the intention that her carefree style looked a little messy.

Her dress I designed myself in a gypsy style using a creased white cotton embossed fabric in a faint flower pattern. The skirt has a zig-zagged hem which is lifted up to one side of the waist and secured with a bow.

As with all my own Sasha Dolls, Portia had already been thoroughly cleaned with her cords tightened. I quite liked the way her lip paint had whitened, so I saw no reason to tamper with them. Secretly, Portia is one of my favorites and I am so happy she turned out as well as she did.

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