Sasha Doll by Jackie - Hero

Meet Hero...

I aptly called this Sasha Doll side-part (my) Hero, because I managed to rescue her by auction, knowing she had quite a few issues to take on.

First of all, she had matted, dry and falling hair and then a nasty, rather large ink stain to her lower calf. Her cords were broken and over-all, she was in quite a filthy state.

Always a thorough wash is my initial procedure to inspect the condition of the vinyl and then to decide what needs to be done with the hair. It was sadly all-too-obvious that Hero required a complete re-root and because she was a side-part, only a sympathetic restoration would do!

The photograph with her head on the stand is how she looked after combing through all the tangled hair, where it had broken off and half the volume lost by the shedding.

So whilst I was re-rooting Hero with a lovely dark brown, I applied a benzoyl peroxide based cream to the ink stain on her calf and put the leg part into the sunshine for the treatment to work.

This can take days, if not weeks to clear, but luckily I was in Spain and the strength of the heat moved the process along very quickly until all traces were removed in record time.

After quite a considerable amount of TLC, Hero came together so delightfully with her newly restored hair, cleaned-up body and re-stringing, to stand as beautiful as she ever was.

It’s times like these that I truly love the work I do and it´s such a reward when a Sasha Doll is brought back to life again.

What a wonderful beauty!!! You really brought my Sasha Doll Hero back to life, and she’s even prettier than when she left the factory.

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