Sasha Doll by Jackie - RUBY

Meet Ruby

I´ve always been interested to re-root a green eyed Sasha and when the right one came along, I went to town!  Ruby was once a mid-70´s boy with hair loss and both his eye and lip paint were affected by oxidation.

If you are lucky, the defect does create a lovely green hue to the once brown eyes, but often the lips go a whitish yellow, which isn´t as nice. I chose to mix the hair to a deep reddish brown, both to enhance her amazing eyes and yet still tone nicely to the milk chocolate skin colour.

I then took a big step away from the traditional Sasha style and gave Ruby a modern, choppy look that has a fun element to work well with both pretty dresses and more boyish clothes.  It also can be pinned back or put up into a ponytail, so this particular cut does offer a few variations too.

Ruby had the usual spa treatment with her cords tightened and I painted a pink colour over the yellowed lips to brighten up her face again.  I dug out a photograph of Ruby taken just after she was re-rooted and before the cutting process, to show how versatile the kanekalon hair can be.

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