Sasha Doll by Jackie - GABRIELA

Meet Gabriela

I must admit that I re-root far more of the English Sasha Dolls than l do the German ones by Götz, so Gabrielle was quite a treat to work on.

Usually I find that the original blondes have a tendency to dry hair with the color fading to a yellow dullness and mostly, for some reason, the plugs at the front on all hair options, nearly always look rather sparse even though they have plenty of hair at the back.

I do love their honey skin tone though, where I so wanted to see the warmth enhanced by using a soft, sandy hair color, making sure that Gabrielle´s delicate face was nicely framed.

Once fully re-rooted, I set about shaping the hair around her face, allowing for it to be styled in a variety of fashions from pinned back to a high ponytail.

Her exaggerated curved fringe gave her a younger looking face which I found very endearing and rather cute.

Götz Sasha Dolls have a different string formation than the English Sasha’s, but perhaps even easier to adjust, tighten or replace.  The main worry is the thinner vinyl which can tear if the cords are not at the correct tension.

Luckily, Gabrielle was in fine order and a little clean up was all that was necessary.

Gabriela’s Restoration

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