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Sasha Doll for Sale : SANDIE

I was very lucky to rescue this beautiful Sasha Doll with the most perfect face, but badly falling hair and decided to change her from a brunette to a gently toned redhead.

I used my favorite shade and mixed it with a soft, brown to compliment Sandie´s gorgeous coffee-colored skin.

Because she has quite a sweet little round face, I re-rooted her with a side-parting and although it has been styled very similar to the original ones of the brunettes and blonds, I have just given it a slightly modern-day twist.

Her long fringe for example, sweeps over to one side in a flicked-back fashion with just a few short strands covering her forehead. At the back, her hair falls straight with the ends turned under to the waist line.

I can not exactly date Sandie because she did not come to me with her original cords, but certainly she is either from 1968 or 1969.

Her face paint is near perfect with only a tiny rub to her upper lip, which still retains its pretty pink color.

I re-strung Sandie, thoroughly cleaned all her body and finally designed her a simple, natural textured cotton dress with a high bodice and fully-gathered, pin-tucked hemmed skirt.

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